How To Sell Feet Pics Online and Make Extra Money

How To Sell Feet Pics Online and Make Extra Money

Did you know you can sell feet pics online and get paid? When I first heard about this side hustle I was super shocked because I didn’t know that this side hustle was a legit way that someone can make extra money. 

If you know me and the culture of my website I take pride in finding the best ways my readers can make money each month. As a result, I did research and found out that there are legit places online where people can sell feet pictures without doing anything weird. 

Sell Feet Pics Online for Extra Money

After researching I found out that a lot of bloggers, content creators, and online entrepreneurs often buy these types of pictures to help them sell products and content. 

While conducting my research I found out that a woman makes $70k per year by selling photos of her feet. I also found out that she sells her photos right on the social media platform Instagram.  Her story made me realize that selling feet pictures is actually a market that many people can make extra money from. I am not saying a person will get rich tomorrow from it but it is a way to increase income.
If done correctly this side hustle can turn into an actual business where you can make extra money on the side. This post will cover how to sell feet pictures and legit places online where you can sell them.


How to Sell Feet Pics

All you need is to have pretty feet and a new generation smartphone / DSLR camera to start selling your feet pictures and videos. We pay $15 per accepted video (10-minute long) you send. The price may depend on the appearance of your feet. If you’re a professional foot model, we may pay more. So If you send 5 videos, you’ll be paid $75. If you have high arches, pink soles and wide heels, you can be one of our regular foot models.

Apply Now to Sell Feet Pics

If you want to buy the best feet pics and videos online Buy feet pics

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