Sample Crush Videos

Baguette Crush

You can check the sample food crush clips below. You can crush vegetables and fruits under your barefoot. You need to take the videos in quality format. So that you can sell your feet videos.

1.Orange Crush Clip

Crystal’s Barefoot Squishing and Crushing Oranges

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Serbia Part-Time Jobs

Sell Feet Pics

Serbia Part-Time Jobs If you’re looking for part-time jobs in Serbia, especially around Belgrade and Novi Sad, you may interest what we offer in this article. We’re looking for female foot models who have cute and well maintained feet. The price is for foot modeling is $50 for 2 hours and paid cash. Weekly work available for … Read more

What Kind of Feet Video Should I Take?

You can sit on a chair or sofa and show your soles when you relax. You may stretch your toes, spread them or dangle. Please check the following sample videos . The videos should be minimum 5 minutes.

  1. Solo foot modeling type videos.

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