Soles Show Videos

You can create unlimited number of videos with your feet. Soles show videos are one of the most popular of them. If you want to sell your feet pictures and videos, you should consider soles show videos. The videos must be 5-minute long.

1.Soles Show

2. Soles on Stool Videos

3. Classic Soles Show Video

4. Face and Soles Video

5. Soles on the Stool

6. Soles Show on Floor

Sell Feet Videos

5 thoughts on “Soles Show Videos”

  1. I have cute feet and want to sell my feet videos and photos. Do I have to take professional videos and photos or can I take the videos with my smart phone?

    • Hi Amanda,

      You don’t need to take professional videos, but quality videos sell itself. You can use your smart phone to take your feet videos. In order to take high quality videos, you need to take the videos in a bright environment.

    • Not showing your face will directly be a big disadvantage for you. No customer wants to see just the feet without any face. You cannot satisfy them only 50%, and expect to make them happy. The face is everything.

      Yes, I understand that showing your faces in clips where you are showing feet might be a little scary thinking about your privacy. But trust me this is a sure shot way of a disaster of your clipstore studio/career. There are many other ways you can protect your identity:

      Doing makeup
      Wearing props like wigs
      Adding glasses on our face
      Wearing unconventional costumes
      Above two points in itself can alter your appearance and make you look like a totally different person.

  2. Potential model here, so how much do you make per photo or group of photos? And if your video is not 5 min long then do you not make anything? When you say gift card as a way of payment, do you mean visa gift card?


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