Lighting Setup to Sell Feet Videos

Lighting Setup to Sell Feet Videos

You want to sell your feet photos and videos then you need to take some quality videos and photos to make more money. As you know high quality sells itself. You can make 100’s of dollars by selling feet videos online. This market is huge.

video basic lighting setup

Don’t forget! A Canadian model, who takes about four videos a day for her account and earns close to $72,000 per year from men buying additional content.

We live in a crowded world: crowded shelves, crowded city streets, crowded airwaves, television waves, screen space. That makes it harder than ever to stand out, and it’s tempting to resort to ‘look at me!’ tactics.

Create quality content and start making tons of money with your feet. You can create your own website and sell your feet photos and videos, but how? There are lots of web agencies that creates e-commerce websites in a week or so. I have found Turnkey Setup agency that already created successful e-commerce websites.



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2 thoughts on “Lighting Setup to Sell Feet Videos”

  1. I am a female fitness model with high arches and smooth toes. I believe I have perfect feet and soles. I stumbled upon your website and thinking to sell my feet photos and videos. I know the basics of photography and videography, but I don’t have professional lighting setup to take professional videos in my apartment. I want to create quality videos without pro equipment. Do you think I can do it with floor lamps?

    • Hi Anna,

      Sure, you can take your feet videos with floor lamps. You need to increase the iso level of your camera / smart phone to take brighter videos. Digital SLR cameras are the best to take high quality videos and photos. Full HD (1080p) and Ultra HD (4K) videos are the best at the moment.


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