What Kind of Feet Video Should I Take?

You can sit on a chair or sofa and show your soles when you relax. You may stretch your toes, spread them or dangle. Please check the following sample videos . The videos should be minimum 5 minutes.

  1. Solo foot modeling type videos.

2. You can show your soles from the back, in this video type, you should fix the camera and kneel on a sofa or chair and then play with your feet. The video should be minimum 5 minutes.

3. You should take feet video like the following video.

4. You can crush some food, fruit or vegetables such as: apple, cucumbers or a toy car. The video should be minimum 5 minutes.

5. You can crush a baguette or  cheap cake with her bare feet. You should crush the baguette, cake slowly. The video should be minimum 5 minutes.

2 thoughts on “What Kind of Feet Video Should I Take?”

  1. I’m interested in foot modeling. I have pretty feet and have compliment for them all the time. I’ve researched to find out how to make money with my feet. I found your website to sell my feet videos. I need some advice. How should I start taking the videos? Should take some soles videos at first?


    • Hi Sonya,

      Yes, you can start your taking videos with soles shows. You can check the sample soles videos here. You can take best the videos with ripe feet. Tips; after taking a walk or working out in a gym, your feet seem better in the photos and the videos.


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